A Custom Training Plan Designed Specifically For You

Your personal triathlon coach will design a training program that matches your fitness level, is tailored your race goals, and fits around your busy schedule.

Frequent Contact

Every week you’ll have a chance to talk with your coach about training, nutrition, race strategy, and gear choices so you can show up on race day completely confident in your fitness and plan.

Frequent Feedback

Your coach will analyze your key workouts to make sure you’re completing your intervals effectively and provide feedback on what to improve and how your fitness is progressing.  

Consistent, Sustainable, Balanced, Data-Driven Training

Are you an athlete who needs feedback on training and racing?  Do you want to learn new mental skills?  Are you seeking help in creating a nutrition plan?

Whether you are training for your first event, or you’re a seasoned athlete, the experienced and certified Tri IQ coaches are here to help you reach your goals.  Leveraging decades of experience competing and coaching in triathlon, running, ultra-running, and other endurance events, we will help you enhance your strengths while identifying and closing skill gaps.


1Waived for new athletes who begin engagement through Spring 2021.
2Six month minimum engagement required.
3That’s 13 payments per year, not 12.
4Certified Sports Nutritionist.
5Master of Science, Applied Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition.
6Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.